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Absolutely hillarious sex one-liners! The largest collection of sex one-line jokes in the world. All sorted from the best by our visitors. See TOP 10 sex one liners.

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Funny Dirty Jokes. by Stephen on March 21, 2013 · 98 comments. in Jokes. A teen realized that she had grown hair between her legs. She got worried and asked her mom about that hair. Funny Sex Jokes …

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Funny sex jokes – Every woman is on sale A French monk wrote a manifesto stating that every woman would agree to sell her body for money. The manifesto was read by the Queen of France and she invited the monk for a chat.

More jokes about: age, doctor, husband, old people, sex Three teens decided to get married on the same day to save their parents the expense of separate weddings. As a further step to reduce the price tag, the three teens resolved to spend their honeymoon night at home.

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joke bank -Sex Jokes Submit A joke A few months after his parents were divorced, little Johnny passed by his mom’s bedroom and saw her rubbing her body and moaning, "I need a man, I need a man!"

The doctor replied, “Before the wedding night, you paint one of your testicles red and the other one blue. If she says, ‘That’s the strangest pair of balls I ever saw.’, you hit her with the shovel.”

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Can you seriously tell us anything better than sex and some real good humor? No, you can’t, because they are the perfect combination and if you say anything contradictory you would be incorrect.

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