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Dec 23, 2007 · Ive noticed lately after my manfriend and I have sex I get soo irritated down there. It burns and feels like my skin is ripping ( even though its not) I don’t know why, we used to be able to have sex more then once in a day and now it hurts so bad we can’t.

Lubricants, oils, creams, and even condoms can all cause burning and irritation after sex. Certain laundry detergents and perfumed soaps can also cause the vagina to become irritated and for sex to become painful. 6. Lichen Sclerosis: This is an extremely rare condition that can occur in some women.

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Sorry this is long Since Aug 2007 I have had intense vaginal, vulva and perineal pain, irritation & itching. Pain always occurs after sex with my husband. We …

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And Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a gynecologist in New York and coauthor of The Complete A to Z for Your V, said a burning sensation during or after sex is a particularly common complaint in her practice. To

Vaginal irritation will often get better on its own. However, if the irritation continues, is severe, or comes back after treatment, call for an appointment with your doctor. The doctor can do a

Why Is My Vagina Itchy After Sex? The Common Causes of Vaginal Irritation, and How To Fix It of reasons why your ladyparts might be feeling a bit off after sex. Let’s check out some of the

Not an std) An irritation after having sex from bacteria getting into the urethra (pee hole) when I first started having sex I had them constantly until my doctor FINALLY told me I have to pee before and especially after sex.

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After sex many women experience a burning sensation in their vaginal region. Unusual discharge, tender labia, and an itchy vagina may accompany it. This side effect of sex leads many women to actually dread and avoid it at all costs.

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The delicate vaginal tissue becomes severely irritated, causing discomfort or pain during sex and after. An intimate moisturizer eliminates dryness instantly and …

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Apr 30, 2018 · How to Soothe a Sore Vagina. In this Article: Treating the Soreness At Home Seeking Medical Care Preventing a Sore Vagina Community Q&A A sore vagina can be caused by sex, birth, or infections. If you’re experiencing vaginal soreness, there are many home treatments available to alleviate symptoms.

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