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Your weight on the Moon is 16.5% what you would experience on Earth. In other words, if you weighed 100 kg on Earth, you would weigh a mere 16.5 kg on the Moon. For you imperial folks, imagine you

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This means you weigh six times less on the Moon than you do on Earth! When the astronauts landed on the Moon in 1969, they wore space suits and carried heavy packs of equipment. Since gravity is much weaker on the Moon, everything weighed only 1/6 of its Earth-weight, and the astronauts were able to move around the Moon very easily.

Your Weight on the Moon is a 10" EP/CDEP by Man or Astro-man?. [1] The 10" vinyl was pressed on four different colors of vinyl: black, opaque pink, opaque silvery-gray and glow-in-the-dark. The Man or Astro-man official discography points out that one should know one’s mass rather than one’s weight .

Being that the moon has a gravitational force of 1.622m/s 2, we multiply the object’s mass by this quanitity to calculate an object’s weight on the moon. So an object or person on the moon would weigh 16.5% its weight on earth.

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To calculate the weight on the moon, simply multiply 784 N times .17, or 17% in decimal form: 784 N x .17 = 133.28 N So the weight of the same 80 kg mass on the moon is 133.28 N.

"Weight" is a measure of that gravitational pull. Second, the greater the mass of an object, the stronger the force of gravity. The Moon’s mass is about 1.2% of the Earth’s mass (1/80th), so the Moon’s gravity is much less than the Earth’s gravity: 83.3% (or 5/6) less to be exact. Other related facts: the Moon is 1/4 the size of the Earth by diameter, and 1/50 the size by volume.

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Your weight is a measure of the amount of gravity exerted on your body by the planet Earth. If you travel to a different planet or celestial body, such as the moon, your weight changes if the gravity is different. Because the moon has about one-sixth of the gravity that Earth does, you’d weigh less standing on it.

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The mass of the moon is 0.0123 of Earth’s, and its radius is 0.273 of Earth’s. To find the gravitational pull on the moon compared to Earth’s, we put those numbers in the formula: (ratio of …

Oct 20, 2018 · On the Moon: 60 * 1,62 ~ 97 N. The object‘s weight on the Moon is about 1/6 of its weight on Earth.

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So putting these equations together we get: weight on moon = mass x gravity constant of moon weight on moon = (weight on earth/gravity constant of earth) x gravity constant of moon Then we plug in the gravity constants and get the final conversion equation: weight on moon = (weight on earth/ 9.8) x 1.6 Note: The constants are given with the units m/s 2 but because they cancel each other out, you can …

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