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Jul 22, 2017 · 18 gay Celebrities Who Publicly Came Out in 2017 gay Celebrities Who Came Out This Year what celebrity just came out of the closet Celebs Who Have Come Out As Gay Most Handsome Openly Gay Male

4. Rupert Everett. Rupert Everett has made numerous comments over the years about how coming out as a gay actor ruined his career in Hollywood. He came out over 20 years ago and, according to him, since then he has only been offered supporting roles – no lead parts.

Jun 23, 2014 · Once it was considered a potentially career-ending acknowledgment, but a growing number of celebrities have come out with relatively little fanfare.

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2000s 39 Gay Celebrities Who’ve Come Out Since 2000 . Celebrity Lists. 4.3M views 37 items . Gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transexual individuals started to gain more support in the 2000s. Gay actors, writers, and musicians have all publicly come out as gay since 2000. Who is the most famous gay celebrity who came out in the 2000s? Rosie O

More and more celebs are coming out! Pride is your number one source for all things gay Hollywood and for the scoop on all of your favorite gay celebrities.

Apr 01, 2010 · Whether from the media, peers or self-imposed, gay celebrities often have felt pressured to open up about their personal lives.

Find out how these celebs revealed their sexual identity to the world.

This list contains information about celebrities who were outed as gay, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Coming out as gay is a very personal decision, but some famous people were outed by the media, or friends, with out their prior consent.

Spacey isn’t the first celebrity to get pulled out of the closet. You may be surprised to find this out, but there are a lot of gay people in the entertainment industry. Since they live in the

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1 of 8 7 Celebrities Who Got OutedComing out as gay is one of the bravest things a celebrity can do.This is usually something that a celebrity gets to do on his or her own time. Coming out as gay is a brave thing for a celebrity to do, but when a celeb is accidentally outed, it’s time for damage control.

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