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Nov 02, 2018 · Generally I can wear a pair of pantyhose for eight to ten times. I am a male and I wear pantyhose every day from getting up until I go to bed. Occasionally I will wear a …

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Pantyhose are generally made from a nylon-based blend of synthetic fibers. The nylon most commonly used—Nylon 6,6—is made from adipic acid, an organic acid, and hexamethylene diamine, an organic base, which are chemically combined to form a nylon salt.

Later in the 1960s, the girdle was generally supplanted by the pantyhose. Pantyhose replaced girdles for many women who had used the girdle essentially as a means of holding up stockings. Those who wanted more control purchased "control top" pantyhose.

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Most people believe that pantyhose and tights are in fact the same thing. Actually they are different things. They are very similar but there are some very differences.

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Pantyhose generally have a standard construction: the top of the waist is a strong elastic; the part covering the hips and the buttocks (the panty area) is composed of a thicker material than for the legs.

The best pairs of sheer pantyhose and hosiery, according to a Hollywood costume designer who knows how useful they can be.

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While some pantyhose brands sell a "one size fits all" product, most brands produce hosiery in multiple sizes. Typically, these companies place a height and weight chart or hip- and waist-measurement chart on the packaging of the product.

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pantyhose definition: 1. a piece of clothing made of thin material that covers the legs and lower part of the body below the waist, worn by women and teens: 2. a piece of clothing made of a thin material that stretches to cover the body below the waist, including the legs and feet, and that is…. Learn more.

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Panty Hose The cause of most businesswomen’s attire fiascos, pantyhose has been a staple woman’s wardrobe piece since the early 20 th century. Although the fashion peak of pantyhose has passed, these accessories continue to be sold and worn throughout the country for various special occasions.

"Although pantyhose are not required for every event, they are generally a rule for more formal or conservative royal events," Christine Ross of Meghan’s Mirror explained to E! Online .

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