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The primary sex cords are not prominent in the embryonic female gonads, but extend into the medulla to form a rudimentary rete ovarii. Both the rete ovarii and the primary sex cords …

In embryogenesis, the sex cords, (primitive sex cords or gonadal cords) are structures that develop from the gonadal ridges. After sexual differentiation , at day 49, the sex cords in males become the testis cords by the action of the testis-determining factor protein, which helps to …

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Jun 04, 2015 · Ovarian sex cord-stromal tumors are uncommon neoplasms that represent approximately 7% of all ovarian tumors ().These tumors comprise a heterogeneous group and are formed by diverse cell types that arise from the primitive sex cords or stromal cells (1, 2).The stromal cells include theca cells, fibroblasts, and Leydig cells whereas the gonadal primitive sex cords include …

Soon, finger-like epithelial cords primitive sex cords are formed. The indifferent gonad now consists of an outer cortex and an inner medulla. In embryos with an XX sex chromosome complex, the cortex normally differentiates into an ovary and the medulla regresses.

Primitive sex cords develop First urogenital connection forms Mesonephric duct forms the genital canals. In the ___ week, primitive sex cords continue to proliferate and give rise to the ___ in a male. 7th Rete testies. In the 7th week, if the embryo is a genetic female, what do the primitive do?

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primordial sex cords the cellular cords arising from the epithelium of the genital ridges during the indifferent state of gonadal development; they form seminiferous cords in male embryos and cortical cords in female embryos. Synonym(s): germinal cords, gonadal cords, sex cords primordial sex cords See gonadal cords. pri·mor·di·al sex cords (prī

The primitive sex cords in the female embryo are degenerating. At the same time, cortical sex cords are beginning to form

The primitive sex cords provide nutritional support to the germ cells as well as regulating their development. So if the primitive sex cords fail to develop properly then the germ cells will either degenerate (gonadal dysgenesis) or undergo meiosis.

The sex cords eventually become the seminiferous tubules in the male and the medullary cords in the female The primary sex cords continue to proliferate actively, anastomose deep in the mesenchyme, and produce a complex network called the rete , which is seen as a bulge under the coelomic epithelium on the anterointernal side of the mesonephric

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