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All Russian majors are strongly encouraged to double major or include a relevant in their studies. Check out our alumni stories here . If you would like more information please contact the program coordinator [email protected]

We are very glad you are planning to major in Russian! Our undergraduate major is designed to offer you training in all the skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) you need to communicate in Russian at the Intermediate Mid-to-High proficiency level.

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In addition to 16 hours of core courses common to all Foreign Languages, students choosing the Russian concentration will take 33 credit hours of Russian classes, which will include LG 171, LG 172, LG 271, LG 272 and 12 upper-division credit hours (4 courses) from LG 372, LG 374, LG 375, LG 376, LG 380, LG 381, or 492. Note that you must take either LG 374 or LG 376 though both courses may …

Requirements for the Major in Russian. The Russian major requires 20 credits in language courses above Slavic 204 to include 275–276, 315–316, 321–322.

The Major in International Economics in Russian is designed to provide this edge by preparing students for the challenges of an ever more interconnected global economy.

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Russia has more than 100,000 rivers with a length of 7 miles, or greater. Some of the world’s longest rivers flow through the vast lowland plains that dominate the Russian landscape. Significant rivers include the Volga, Dnieper and Dvina (west), the Lena, Ob, …

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The Russian major can be tailored to a students’ career interests. Knowledge of Russian is a major asset in many fields, including diplomacy, politics and international business. The program also prepares students for graduate studies and academic careers in all aspects of Russian history and culture.

Major Information. You can do a lot with this major! Russian majors go on to successful, often international careers in business, academics, advocacy, politics, government, publishing, the arts, research, and much more.

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Requirements: Russian 29; one course in the sequence 41-42; Russian 71; two courses in the 30s which must include Russian 31; and one culture course (numbered 10-19). In addition, majors must take four additional courses, for a total of 10.

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