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Teen Oriented We have certified and experienced driving instructors that will teach your loved one defensive driving techniques in a safe and positive atmosphere. With our affordable price, we can offer 3 behind the wheel driving instruction lessons for only $280.

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SAFE is a teen-run, peer-to-peer program focusing on increasing teen restraint compliance through education, positive rewards and enforcement. It is designed to bring awareness to the importance of wearing a seatbelt, therefore reducing the number of motor vehicle-related injuries and fatalities among Kansas teens.

teen SAFE. Up to 30% fewer collisions and insurance claims. teen SMART. The world’s most effective teen driver safety program. Teens that complete the teenSMART program have up to 30% fewer collisions and 51% fewer bodily injury claims than teens that do not complete the program.

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Teen drivers have crash rates 3 times those of drivers 20 and older per mile driven. Immaturity leads to speeding and other risky habits, and inexperience means teen drivers often don’t recognize or know how to respond to hazards.

Helping your teen master safe driving habits just got easier with the Teen Safe Driver program. Our smartphone app powered by TrueMotion monitors distracted driving and other risky behaviors — helping your teen learn how to drive safer and smarter.

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TeenSafe Desktop is a new applet designed to reduce the occurrence of frequent iCloud account lockouts experienced by many parents. It uses your home’s local network to download your ’s Apple iCloud backup data to your computer and then upload it to TeenSafe’s servers.

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Teen Safe Driver Training–One Day ($995) $695 for drivers under 25 Our full-day teen driving course in California combines valuable classroom time with seven instructive driving sessions designed to let participants put their new-found skills into practice behind the wheel of a road car.

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Smartphones add a layer to teenage flirtation that is brand new, and comes with its own risks and pitfalls. Sexting is the use of devices or cell phones to send sexually explicit text messages and pictures to another person.

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Because Teensafe allows parents to take every measure possible in an effort to keep teen safe at all times and in all situations. Teensafe Features and Functionality Teensafe text message program is a special service allowing parents to monitor s target cell phone.

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