Why Gay Marrige Is Wrong

Christians need to accept that Jesus was sometimes wrong—in fact, he might even want us to. The Best Christian Argument for Marriage Equality Is That the Bible Got It Wrong. one has every right to ask why anti-gay interpretations are so popular.) ADVERTISEMENT. Thanks for …

When you review this reasoning, you have to assume the five Supreme Court justices have been blinded by an angel of light.

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Feb 16, 2015 · "Marriage is being debated across the nation, especially on college campuses, so we decided to make a video that would help students defend natural marriage in a serious and respectful way," said

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Why is homosexuality wrong? With every sin there are multiple levels of why it’s offensive to God and to be avoided. The simplest is clearly to say the Bible says it is.

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This broad marriage genus would supposedly encompass traditional marriage, homosexual or heterosexual unions, and whatever other bizarre new relationships might arise. 3 This new “marriage” genus, however, is not marriage.

The idea that gay marriage is wrong because gay couples are somehow unnatural is not often stated openly, but this premise influences other arguments and lies behind many people’s negative opinions about homosexuality in general. For most people, heterosexual relationships are the norm, both in

In addition, gay couples cannot model what God designed for a to experience growing up: a complete picture of a male and female completing one another in the marriage relationship. ren were made by God to be nurtured by the love of a mother and a man from birth.

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The bible doesn’t say that being gay is wrong! It says having sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman is a SIN. We are All born sinners all of us and God gave us a free will to choose to follow his laws or not, to believe in Jesus Christ or not.

May 16, 2008 · Jimmy Kimmel Demonstrates Why Denying Gay Couples Wedding Cakes is Wrong – Duration: 3:58. Sen. Booker asks Kavanaugh his opinion on gay marriage and LGBT rights – Duration: 5:57.

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In sum, why is “gay marriage” wrong? Most importantly, the idea of “gay marriage” is an oxymoron and a rejection of a core value in Judeo-Christian sexual ethics. Marriage requires the two sexes to reconstitute a sexual whole.

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